This A/C was probably one of the Kurland flights.One of the pilots managed to parachute, but was found dead near by.

The two pilots carried Erkennungsmärke from 1.(F)/120, both issued at the same time and so late in the War that they were not recorded in Berlin - which is the reason why these two men are still unidentified.
(source Rune Rautio on

Photo: Gisle Grimsbu via Morten Moe.
Storkollen. September 1998 ©kjell sørensen
The b/w photo shows the WNr.1231 on the tail of the aircraft.
Bildet er tatt i 1945. Fra venstre: Gunnar Moseng. Sigurd Oddløkken. Odd Moseng, alle fra Folldal
©Reidar Oddløkken via NØFMF
© morten moe 1997
This part is now an exhibit at DombåsKrigsminnesamling
©thor broen NØFMF
New visit to the crash site at Storkollen 28.08.2010

Junkers Ju 88 D-1 Storkollen, Tynset Hedmark
Halbstaffel 1.(F)/124 WNr.1231 B4+CA 08.05 1945
Crashed into hillside Storkollen. The two pilots were at first buried at the crashsite. 51 years later, on the15.August 1996,
they were reburied at Alfaset Cemetery in Oslo.